Standard Orbit: A Star Trek Original Series Podcast (Pilot Episodes)
79: The Women!

What If “The Cage” Got Picked Up.

Imagine a world in which NBC loved "The Cage" and didn't request any changes to the series. In this episode of ​Standard Orbit​, Mike and Drew brainstorm the alternate universe in which this happened. Would the show have been better? Would it be more popular than what we ended up with? Would having a better show earlier actually have changed the shape of the entire franchise? Explore the possibilities with us in this reality-warping episode!

Drew Stewart and Mike Schindler
Editor and Producer
Drew Stewart
Associate Producers
Richard Rutledge, Jr.

Production Manager
Richard Marquez
Content Coordinator
Will Nguyen
​What If (00:00:49)

How Long Would It Have Lasted? (00:02:20)

Would It Have Been That Different? (00:07:26)

What Would Have Been Different (00:16:53)

Course Correction (00:22:42)

Comic Continuation (00:26:42)

Closing (00:28:21)

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Meet the Pilots.

The Original Series was a first for television in that the studio loved the pilot so much they ordered a second one. In honor of Standard Orbit's second episode, Mike and Drew compare and contrast the pilots and ponder what the future would have been like if the studio hadn't ordered a second pilot. Which pilot is better? Which one is deeper? Would the franchise have existed without Shatner? 

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