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52: Klingon Drill Bits

Klingons in TOS.

If there was ever a big bad guy for The Original Series, it was the Klingons. Devious and scheming, the TOS Klingons were always trying to undermine the Federation, even into the movies. In this episode of Standard Orbit, Mike and Drew attempt to understand these villains and how they change throughout the years. Listen to find out how far the Cold War analogy goes, and how proprietary their screws may be.



Drew Stewart and Mike Schindler


Editor and Producer

Drew Stewart


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TOS Season 1 (3:00)

TOS Season 2 (8:21)

TOS Season 3 (12:48)

The Movies (17:32)

A Touch on TNG (30:13)

Closing (32:38)


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Romulans in TOS.

What happens when you put Romans in space? They become Romulans! In this episode of Standard Orbit, Mike and Drew uncloak what the Romulans were up to in and before The Original Series, and how racism is apparently still a problem in the 23rd century. Plus, don't miss the listener mail during the closing, in which Kirk faces The Borg and jokes are attempted by the crew!

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