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Let That Be Your Last Battlefield Roundtable.

This week on Standard Orbit hosts Ken Tripp are Zach Moore are joined by Chris Clow from Discovery Debrief and Lance Laster to discuss one of the most iconic episodes of TOS, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield. From the alien makeup design, the first appearance of the auto-destruct and of course its ever-relevant message, this episode is one of the greats.

We talk Jud Taylor's unique directorial style, the use of stock footage, Star Trek's shifting warp speed scale and why the parables of racism and hate this episode presents are unfortunately as relevant as ever today.

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:27)
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (00:02:19)
Captain Kirk vs. The Riddler (00:06:59)
Auto-destruct (00:12:27)
Dynamic Direction (00:18:57)
Stock Footage (00:23:08)
Stretching Out The Story, Warp Speed Rules (00:29:21)
Bonk Bonk On The Head But It Needs To Be  (00:34:28)
Continued Relevance (00:44:29)
The Whole Spectrum Of Shatner (00:47:47)
Final Thoughts (00:50:25)
POTFM (00:57:27)
Closing (00:58:50)

Ken Tripp
Zach Moore

Lance Laster
Chris Clow
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